Guarantee statement offers an unconditional money-back guarantee to all its customers.
When you place a Logo Design order at our site, you immediately qualify for the 100% money- back guarantee.

Once you receive the Logo designs we create for you on the basis of your requirements, you have the option to
either accept or reject the designs. If you are not satisfied with the Custom logo designs and reject them, you will
get a full refund of your money. No Questions Asked!

There are a few exceptions, and although it is very unlikely you will want to make use of our guarantee policy, you
should understand those rare conditions under which we can't provide a refund:

1. If you have already confirmed or approved the acceptance of a design and asked for revision(s), we cannot provide a refund. Your approval represents an acceptance of the project and serves as an implicit statement of satisfaction.


2. If you have failed to communicate with us for more than sixty days, any refunds will be at the discretion of Marvellogodesign management.


3. If the company for whom the design was performed should close, change its name, or undergo other alterations rendering a design ill fitting, we cannot issue a refund.

4. Once you have taken final delivery.



If a Customer receives a refund, s/he acknowledges that it will have no right (express or implied) to use any initial logo design concept provided by marvelogodesigns. The Copyright remains with us and you are NOT allowed to use our designs even as a design reference.

Should you have other questions or concerns about these Privacy Policies, please send us an email at: